Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am currently journalling in this moleskin notebook, which I bought, overpriced I'm sure, at the Oakland airport when I realized I had a long flight delay and had no notebook. Hence, I paid $18.95 for this beauty, but to be honest, it really was worth it. Here's what I love about it:

1) The lines - It's narrow rule, which makes my handwriting look much neater. Also, there are lines on both sides of the page. I used to have a journal that had lines only on the right side of the page, which really confused me. I wanted to do clever things like make collages on the blank side, but I didn't feel like i was creative enough. So, I like lines on both sides of the page. Nice narrow lines, so I can fit in between them and look nice and neat and orderly. I like orderly.

2) It has a nice red ribbon for a page marker, which my cats love to eat, and it's withstood the abuse pretty well so far. It also has a red elastic thingy that holds it all together. Which I also love.

3) The binding is really quality. It's all sewn together, and sometimes in sewn notebooks pages start to tear out and thread starts to come loose. But not in this one. Which is why it cost $18.95 at the airport, I guess.

4) It has an expanding pocket in the back, so I can keep sentimental things from the time I'm journaling and they won't fall out. Like ticket stubs.

There's a lovely description and history of the moleskine notebooks on wikipedia. The sentence that particularly stuck out at me was:

Although Moleskine srl claims their notebook has been used by well-known artists and writers, such as Picasso, Matisse, Kurakin andHemingway, the brand Moleskine was officially registered only in 1996. Francesco Franceschi, head of Modo & Modo's marketing department, was quoted as saying, "It's an exaggeration. It's marketing, not science. It's not the absolute truth.

Those darn marketers!

Anyway, I'm quite happily writing in my marketed Moleskine with a uniball Signo .07mm gel pen with a beloved needle point. Oh, how I do love my needle points. The thing I love about this pen, though, is how the ink flows. Sometimes needle points don't allow the amount of ink I want to come through. This one is great, though.