Monday, May 26, 2008

Can't afford to ride a Ducati? Write with one!

Filed in the "What will they think up next" column. My hubby reads Auto Week religiously, seeing how he's a Car Guy. He saved the April 3 issue for me, in which there was an article entitled "The Pen is Mightier than the V12" - a 2008 guide to auto-inspired fine writing instruments. I guess, if you are sitting on an extra $13,500, you can get a Bentley pen.

Apparently, "the automotive inspired pens are a relatively new, stylish trend - one that is increasing more and more over the last couple of years..." Steve Wiederlight, co-owner of the Fountain Pen Hospital in NYC was quoted. The writer, Aaron Sigmond, ended the article by extolling the virtues of the car-pen. "In the end, you will find the pleasures of returning to a pen, especially one inspired by your actual (or fantasy) automobile's marque, will lead to both self-satisfaction and a greater appreciation of your personal style from those around you."

Yeah, I get it, but I'll tell you what. If I had an extra $13,500 hanging around, I know of lots of other ways to get self-satisfaction. Like buying everything at Target or Sephora.

I checked out the Fountain Pen Hospital website here, and they are some kind of fancy. Definitely not my style. Who knew there were so many expensive pens out there? Though I may decide to splurge and get J a pen made from the wood from a Dodger Stadium seat. Only $180.00!

You can read the entire article on car-pens at the Auto Week site, here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Muji (and the art of minimalism)

I'm journaling in a Muji notebook. I'm a big fan of Muji stuff. I stock up on the pens when I'm in the UK (89p each - even with a crappy dollar, that's still a great deal). And the notebooks are awesome. All minimalist and unpretentious, with narrow lines (or unruled if you prefer). I get them in the A5 size, which is just perfect for me to journal in for about 3 weeks to a month, depending on my religiousness in journaling. And that's a perfect time for me because I get all ADD and sick of my notebook after then. Plus, they're lightweight so they don't add to the already-considerable weight in my tote bag.

But the coolest thing ever is that Muji has this deal where you build your own pen. You pick the casing, the ink type, and the colo(u)r, and presto-chango, you have a unique super-dooper pen.

I think this is a brilliant exercise in pen-creativity, and I'm a big fan. I just wish they had a store in Los Angeles. I'm very sad that I have to go to Carnaby Street or New York or Tokyo to get them. It's not right that pens of this caliber should be kept from us Angelenos. I know we aren't the most literary set, but dammit, we need to write, too.