Monday, May 26, 2008

Can't afford to ride a Ducati? Write with one!

Filed in the "What will they think up next" column. My hubby reads Auto Week religiously, seeing how he's a Car Guy. He saved the April 3 issue for me, in which there was an article entitled "The Pen is Mightier than the V12" - a 2008 guide to auto-inspired fine writing instruments. I guess, if you are sitting on an extra $13,500, you can get a Bentley pen.

Apparently, "the automotive inspired pens are a relatively new, stylish trend - one that is increasing more and more over the last couple of years..." Steve Wiederlight, co-owner of the Fountain Pen Hospital in NYC was quoted. The writer, Aaron Sigmond, ended the article by extolling the virtues of the car-pen. "In the end, you will find the pleasures of returning to a pen, especially one inspired by your actual (or fantasy) automobile's marque, will lead to both self-satisfaction and a greater appreciation of your personal style from those around you."

Yeah, I get it, but I'll tell you what. If I had an extra $13,500 hanging around, I know of lots of other ways to get self-satisfaction. Like buying everything at Target or Sephora.

I checked out the Fountain Pen Hospital website here, and they are some kind of fancy. Definitely not my style. Who knew there were so many expensive pens out there? Though I may decide to splurge and get J a pen made from the wood from a Dodger Stadium seat. Only $180.00!

You can read the entire article on car-pens at the Auto Week site, here.

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