Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School!

How great is Back To School time for pen nuts like me? Target has an entire section devoted to markers, notebooks, and even lunch boxes. Man, it's pen heaven.

One of the finds I picked up the other day was this pack of Bic 730r rollerballs. Ok, so Pilot is still my favorite pen maker of all time, but these Bic's are really something else. Needle point, 5mm so my writing is very neat, and they are smooooth as butter. Plus there's a visible ink flow so I can track how much longer till I need to start another pen. I'm definitely a fan, and they were pretty cheap too.

I've also been picking up notebooks galore. Cuz you never know when there might be a massive Notebook Shortage. Best to stock up while you can (she says, with irony).

I wish every month was a back to school month!