Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cataloging my pens

I work in the world of libraries and spend a lot of time around librarians so I pick up lots of information about stuff like cataloging, indexing and subject headings. I am embarking on a grand plan to completely catalog all of my writing instruments. I've done smaller catalogs before, but this is going to be something special. This morning I took out all of my pens and organized them by brand, and then by line width, needle tip, etc. I'm making it into an excel spreadsheet.

This is a picture of all my pens this morning. I've organized them in a big rubbermaid clear box, but I had a heck of a time doing it. I know this is probably more pens than I'll ever use in my lifetime, and I just have too many choices as to which ones to use first. The ones I like least (the ball points) will probably take the longest to use up, but if I use the ones I really like first, then they'll be gone. So I don't know. It's a real pickle, and an example of why too many choices is a bad thing.

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