Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting what you pay for

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a Pen Snob. No, I don't require expensive luxury brands like Cross, and I love the Foray brand for Office Depot as I've said before. But I just can't get into Rose Art gel pens, at all. I bought a package of SRX Gel Pens (they're so obscure I can't even find a web link to them) at Target last week, and when my Pilot Precise V7 RT went dry tonight, I thought to try these Rose Art ones. No more. For the first time in a long time, I'm throwing unused pens away.

So I have two things I'm thinking about now, and they are intertwined. First, the feeling of satisfaction I get from finishing a pen. It's such a rare occasion in this world. Mostly people lose track of pens, or switch pens before the first one is dry. Or the dog eats them. Or something. But most people don't just stick with a pen until it dries up and then throw it out.

I try to stick with a pen until it dries up. It's a wonderful feeling of completion when the pen dries up and I get to think about all the things I wrote with it.

It's one of the reasons I hate to throw away pens before they are used, which is the second topic I'm thinking about tonight. It's almost as if all the possibilities of the pens aren't going to be fulfilled if I throw the pen out before its time. The words I won't write with that pen may not ever be written in the same way with another pen. I'm superstitious like that. There's a reason I picked that pen, and there's a reason I saved it to use until the time I did. If I throw it out before its time, those possibilities might never be realized.

But it often keeps me writing with pens I don't like, just because I don't want to throw them out early (this is also the reason I finish books I hate, too - there might be a gem of a chapter up ahead, and I'll never know if I don't finish it).

But not this time. These Rose Art SRX Gel Pens they sell at Target absolutely SUCK.


Anonymous said...

Rose Art is truly the worst; their products simply don't work. Their pens won't write, the erasers on their pencils won't erase, it is almost as if they skipped the step of making an actual, working product and instead packaged recycled plastic to sell. Rose Art pens are merely plastic lumber twigs.

-- The Ash Man

Anonymous said...

It's so funny, my experience was almost identical to Heather's. After my Pilot Precise V7 ran dry, I picked up the Rose Art gel pen. The colors they come in are absolutely beautiful, the package a gauranteed smooth writing it seemed like a safe bet. It was anything but..I'm so dissapointed that I plan to give them away to my children who couldn't care less about what they write with, they'll love the colors and have the time and patience for all the skips.

W said...

I would mention though, I LOVE the SRX ball point pens (both the mini, and the regular length). The writing is very smooth, and never a smudge. One of my favorites, I'm actually thinking about chucking most of the rest of my pens, in exchange for a pack or 2 of these.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I love the SRX RoseArt pens. The only thing we don't like about them is that we can't find any.

Gina said...

This was really an interesting article as I was drawn here while googling how to chuck out my unwanted(?) pens. As a pen-addict, I tend to buy new pens before old ones are dried out, but this does not mean I'm extravagant on pens. I think I just like to try every different pens often as girls like to put on every different pairs of shoes. :-) Now I'm contemplating how I am gonna chuck my old pens, which I haven't used for a long time, in a wise way; they are still working so if I throw them away I would feel guilty. If you have any idea, I would be obliged to share. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know where I can get a SRX Edge ballpoint pen? I really love these except I dropped mine in the bathtub so it doesn't completely work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Bought the SRX ballpoints...non gel variety. They come apart while writing. Throwing them out. Horrible waste of money.