Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awww shucks...

The comment someone made today about missing my blog posts made me smile, and then made me want to get off my lazy butt and tell you about this great pen I'm using right now. The Pentel Energel in violet, ,7mm needle point.

I first found these pens a few years ago when I worked in a tiny office off Third ave in New York and was the only person who seemed to enjoy getting stuff at Staples, so would always do the supply runs - the upside was that I got to get a rewards card and every six months or so they'd send me $20 gift certificates with which I would buy useless planners (I had a planner addiction for a while) and Pentel Energel pens. I kind of forgot about these beauties for a while, until I got this package of purple pens. I like purple pens. I mean, who doesn't? Why write with black when you can just as easily write with purple, right?

So anyway, I know it's probably cheating on my true love (Pilot) to wax poetic about Pentel, but these things just really make taking notes, journalling, and writing silly post-it-note lists and reminders to my hubby so pleasurable. The ink is sublime. And I don't use the word sublime very much. It's a really vibrant violet - but not all over-the-top in-your-face violet. A subtley vibrant. Is that possible? Somehow they make it so.

And the feel. The feel in my hands is exquisite. It fits my hands just perfectly. And the needle tip makes my handwriting look readable. So yeah, I'm a fan. Oh, and another note - I love the purple cushion, blue barrel and silver accents. It's like all my favorite stuff at once. If only I could get it to dispense a calorie-free chocolate.
I read the comment about the pen giveaway, and I'm thinking something up! I'll post about it (and sooner than a month, I promise) as soon as I figure it out. Great idea---thanks for the suggestion.
In other news, I'm STILL using the same journal I've been on since January, and it's driving me crazy, so that I don't want to journal, and thus the journal never gets filled up, and it's just a self-fulfilling ring of A.D.D.ness. I hate it when I fall in love with really big notebooks that just last too long.

That reminds me of this girl I knew in high school, who was dramatic and artsy, and spritely and loved by everyone, myself included. She was two years older than me, but I was always in school plays with her, and I remember sitting on the stage after a rehearsal once, getting ready to leave for the night, looking at her, like, totally cool keyring (it was loaded with ironic keychain thingys like those trolls with the crazy hair, and framed ticket stubs from Violent Femmes concerts) with all kinds of awesome keys for things like cars, which I didn't have yet. But she also had this keyring sitting on top of a Mead Grad notebook, college rule. It was just messy and beat-up enough to know that she used it - the proper amount of beating up, as far as I'm concerned - but wasn't all ratty and destroyed yet. On the back cover she had lyrics from Pixies songs written down next to homework assignments, all in pencil, and slightly smudgey. I so much wanted to be like her that I ran out to CVS (well, I asked my dad to drive me) and bought me a Mead Grad notebook and wrote down poetic Paul Simon lyrics in the covers (I didn't like the Pixies much) and proudly carried it around to play rehearsal where I promptly spilled a can of coke all over it. This was an early lesson in not copying other spritely juniors, and I went back to my looseleaf system, which was protected by a binder, thus usually avoiding coke mishaps.

I really need to stop using the journal I'm on right now. It makes me think of my mead grad notebooks, and that just upsets me.

Anyway, that's my stationary update. I promise I'll think up a decluttering pen giveaway, and not be so distant again...


skippykawakami said...

I hated the 0.7mm Energels, but I love them at 0.5 (though for me, that's true of nearly every pen that comes in those sizes). Though I think also it's that my 0.5 Energel is capped rather than retractable, and I personally thought the retractor mechanism felt kinda weird to me.

Kristina Petrella said...

0.7 mm EnerGel in violet and in green ROCK!!! I am so happy to find someone else suffering from writing utensil OCD!!! Yea for pens!