Monday, June 30, 2008

Are you a pen geek?

Some people might think they're pen geeks, but I found this test today that can prove to you whether you are or aren't. It's at a cool site - (I found it while searching for domain names to forward to this blog - it's kind of a long name to remember). Pengeek was obviously taken, but stationarygeek wasn't - so I'm taking it. Because, really, I'm an equal-opportunity stationary-products-lover.

I've been hanging out at the American Library Association annual meeting (it's a work thing) and have been collecting some fun conference pens. I'm trying to be judicious in my pen-taking because I don't want them to all just pile up again after getting rid of so many conference pens recently. But I have to say, books24x7 has some good pens. As does the Pitt MLIS program.

I'm hoping to go to Flax, aka pen heaven, on Wednesday. Hopefully they'll have some passion there.

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