Sunday, January 04, 2009

After not blogging about pens for a while....

I'm at Jiffy Lube today getting an oil change (normally my hubby does it himself, but since we live up in the mountains now it's all snowy and there isn't enough room) and I'm hanging out with my headphones on, writing in my journal, and my pen, which is a Xenon Aquaroller with a needle point (I love needle points because my writing is so much neater with them) just BREAKS in half. Like the top part that screws into the barrel just breaks. Maybe my grip is too much for it. Very strange. I didn't think I had a hard grip, but maybe after shoveling snow for two weeks, my hand has superhuman strength. Anyway, it was really annoying and disappointing because I really liked that pen... I have another one in silver. Maybe I'll use that next and see how it goes.

I am currently writing in a Fountain journal from Nippecraft Limited. I'm really confused because I swear I bought this journal at Target but when I go to the website, it's all foreign and fancy and boutiquey and stuff. I really think I bought it at Target, though. Maybe Target is sneaking some boutique stationary in to go with their designer bags? I don't know, but I'm not arguing.

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