Friday, January 16, 2009

Office Max Going after Me!

According to this story on Marketplace (a show that evokes similar feelings in me as pens do), Office Max is now going after women (who make most of the purchasing decisions for supplies in offices since they're often the office managers and assistants). Apparently there is more color, pattern and design. Well, it's got me interested, that's for sure. I think this weekend I will have to make a pilgrimage to Office Max (somewhere I don't go very often, preferring Office Depot since they sponsor Carl Edwards in Nascar, and he's yummy).

One thing I thought was interesting in the story is that they spoke to a woman who is an expert in marketing to women, and she said that she thought that maybe younger women would fall for all the colors, etc., but anyone who had gotten anywhere in their career, or wanted to portray a professional image wouldn't buy it. Then they talk to a guy at Office Max who's all "yeah, the days of women wearing power suits and trying to essentially be men are over." And I'm wondering why the guy makes more sense than the woman does. Why do we have to take ourselves so seriously? Does using a pretty notebook somehow make us less professional? Sheesh. Some people insist on keeping themselves down.

I browsed the weekly ad, which had lovely butterflies all around it, and I was particularly interested in this set of desk organizer accessories. Yes, I must make a trip to Office Max this weekend.

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