Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Since the death/breakage of the needlepoint pen I had been writing with, I have opened up the pen bag and pulled out this Stabilo Pointvisco. The one I'm writing with is a lovely magenta which is cool as my journal is a leafy green color, and my wedding colors were purple and green.

Anyway, this pen has a total retro feel about it with the stripes down the yellow barrel, which vaguely resemble a Yellow Number 2 pencil. The gel roller tip isn't a needlepoint, but my writing is still pretty neat with it, and the ink comes out really smoothly - almost like a liquid, but not smeary.

They come in a ton of colors and I have green, magenta, blue and orange which I purchased at the stationary store. They were about $1.25 each and are supposed to last a long time.

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